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District Extension Work Plan for District - HAZARIBAG. More Info...

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DEWP - District Extention Work Plan (Hazaribag )


District Extension Work Plan for District Hazaribag, JHARKHAND.

We at ATMA always seeking new and better way to help our farmer fariends to increase the production of their crops, which finally helps our whole country in its growth. We are always searching the Thrust Areas For Extension at block level of Hazaribag district. In our research and study we mark the need of various activities and support for our farmers.

Some of these Thrust Areas may be Create Awareness, Create awareness and Production of Bio Fertilizer & VermiCompost, Create awareness on Soil & Water Conservation, Organizing Farmers Groups of paddy, pulses, Oilseed, Mass Awareness Campaign and many more. These Thrust Areas must be filled with appropriate activities and support for bringing a major difference in agriculture of whole hazaribag district. We not just mark the Thrust Areas but also propose strategies, research, activities and supports to fulfill this Thrust Area. We also mark the no of unit on which we need the extension.

This District Extension Work Plan is not only for Agriculture but same is being done for Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and other farming activities. We at ATMA Hazaribag, feel a deep responsibility for the development of each single farmer of our district, Hazaribag

Year wise District Extension Work Plan for Hazaribag disrict is given below, please click to knwo more....