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Krishak Pathshala - Extension Reforms


Krishak Pathshala a training programm for farmers Project - Extension Reforms

Under scheme “Support to State Extension Programmes for Extension Reforms” we organize special tarining programmes for the farmers at different locations of hazaribag district, called KRISHAK PATHSHALA. Special Trainers from Jharkhand and various states of India comes and train farmeres of our district on very important and crucial points of better farming and crops.

This Pathshala includes training on various crop like pulses, paddy, wheat, maize, tomatos, potato, brinjal and other grains and vegetables. Our trainer share information on latest technology of better farming of these crops and also train about the secuirty of yeild of farmaers. Which Soil is better for which crop and what is the best season for particular crop. Farmers get informed about better seeds, fertilizers and pesticides for crop high in quantity and quality.

Krishak Pathshala is really a place of fun and knowledge for farmers of our hazaribag district. A School for better farming.

Year Wise Krishak Pathshala organized by ATMA Hazaribag:

PYearLocationKrishak Pathshala
2014-15Hazaribag Farm School (2014-15)
2016-17Hazaribag Farm School (2016-17)
2020-21Farm School Farm School 2020-21
2023-24Hazaribag FARM SCHOOL (2023-24)